Apply Forex Card Online: Benefits, Application Fees and Documents Required

Apply Forex Card Online: When traveling abroad, a forex card is your best friend. It’s the most convenient way to carry foreign currency and pay for expenses while traveling abroad.

Consider a forex card to be a prepaid travel card that may be loaded with any foreign currency. A forex card can be used to pay for expenses in a foreign currency in the same way as a credit or debit card can. An ATM can be used to obtain local currency.

You won’t need to take bundles of money on your sight-seeing visits in a foreign country if you have a forex card in your wallet. Forex cards are one of the safest ways to carry money when travelling internationally.

With a scan or a wave of your forex card, you may pay for entry tickets, rail and bus passes, taxis, restaurant bills, and shopping, among other things. – Apply Forex Card Online


A forex card has a number of advantages. It’s the most cost-effective way to carry and pay in foreign currency worldwide; it’s safer than cash; it’s less expensive than other cards but just as easy as credit or debit cards; you may use it for numerous journeys; and you get special benefits and discounts wherever you travel.

Application Fees

The bank may impose a card issuing fee based on the rates in effect at the time.

Documents Required

Obtaining a Forex Card does not require the submission of numerous documents. You’d already have most of them prepared. Here are the documents you’ll need for your Forex Card KYC.

  • Forms for applying for a Forex Card are available in the branch or online.
  • A copy of your passport that has been self-attested.
  • A copy of your visa that has been self-attested (For non-customers).
  • A copy of your ticket that has been self-attested (For non-customers).

We recommend that you submit the original documents for verification at the time of submission.

Apply Forex Card Online – Easiest Method

The application process for a Forex Card with HDFC Bank is simple. Simply go to the bank’s website’s FX application page and follow the instructions.

Keep your customer ID handy if you’re an HDFC Bank Savings customer. In only three simple steps, you can apply.

  • It determines the cost for you based on what you need (kind of card, amount of forex, etc.).
  • Enter the traveler’s information (keep your Aadhar No, Passport, travel plans handy).
  • Make the required payment.

If you are not a Savings customer, follow the steps specified in the Forex Card online application form, and your card will be delivered to your door in three days if everything goes well.

You may have to wait a week if you opt to personalise your card.

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