Battlegrounds Mobile India: You could lose your account if you do this, according to Krafton’s restrictions

The Indianized version of PUBG Mobile Battlegrounds Mobile India was published earlier this year, and now everytime a gamer opens the game, a notice appears, warning that if a gamer is detected using an unauthorised programme, their account may be terminated.

Krafton, a South Korean game creator, released a statement on the subject, describing all of the game’s illicit activities. The investigation into criminal activity began on September 15th.

“Measures will be taken as new forms of illegal programmes and actions have been found recently,” Krafton wrote in a recent blog post.

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Further explaining the situation, Krafton stated that if anything illegal is discovered, action will be taken against the player’s account. For this purpose, the company has deployed software. Players who do not use anything unlawful and are highlighted, on the other hand, do not need to be concerned.

“If the warning notice appears even if you have not utilised an unlawful programme, data that is considered to be an illegal programme (data fabrication, for example) may have been discovered through the installation of other programmes without your knowledge. But don’t be too anxious; simply use the Routine Repair option on the login page to restore the data to its previous state “According to Krafton.

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What is criminal behaviour in Battlegrounds Mobile India?

  • App was downloaded from an unofficial source.
  • On your device, you have “illegal programmes or untrusted auxiliary programmes” installed.
  • If your device is jailbroken or rooted,
  • When unusual data is discovered,
  • If you’re utilising another person’s account.

When an illegal action is detected on your account, Battlegrounds Mobile India will use the Routine Repair tool to restore your account, which is the only option to do so. “Tap the arrow in the lobby’s bottom right corner > SETTINGS > Basic > Log Out in the bottom left corner > Repair in the login screen > Check for routine maintenance and make sure everything is in working order “According to Krafton.

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You can log back into your account and play as usual after the data has been normalised. If you do not follow Krafton’s instructions and continue to engage in unlawful activity, your account may be suspended.

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