Battlegrounds Mobile India: You could lose your account if you do this, according to Krafton’s restrictions

The Indianized version of PUBG Mobile Battlegrounds Mobile India was published earlier this year, and now everytime a gamer opens the game, a notice appears, warning that if a gamer is detected using an unauthorised programme, their account may be terminated. Krafton, a South Korean game creator, released a statement on the subject, describing all … Read more

Battlegrounds Mobile India 1.6 Update: New Settings & Release Date

Battlegrounds Mobile India 1.6 Update: Battlegrounds Mobile India, or BGMI, has quickly become one of India’s most popular battle royale games. BGMI is available for both Android and iOS smartphones, with more than 50 million downloads to date. The game’s makers are constantly enhancing it by releasing updates and making it more dynamic for gamers. … Read more