Dying Light 2 Has Been Pushed Back Until 2022: See What’s Going On?

Dying Light 2 Has Been Pushed BackUntil 2022: Techland’s zombie-slaying sequel was supposed to be released on December 7 this year, but it was previously pushed back from the original early 2020 release date announced at E3 2018. That is no longer the case, according to CEO Pawel Marchewka, who stated that the team requires more time to “polish and optimise” the game.

“The team is steadily progressing with production, and the game is nearing completion.” “The game is finished, and we’re currently testing it,” Marchewka said in a statement. “By far the largest and most ambitious project we’ve ever undertaken.” Unfortunately, we’ve realised that in order to bring the game to the level we envision, we’ll need more resources.

“We apologise for keeping you all waiting a little longer, but we want the game to meet your highest expectations when it comes out, and we refuse to compromise on that.”

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Dying Light 2 will now be available on February 4, 2022. While it’s always disappointing to see games delayed, it’s only an extra two months, which should give the studio enough time to add any finishing touches. At this point, big games being delayed this year is fairly common, and Dying Light 2 is unlikely to be the last 2021 release to be delayed. On the bright side, it’s shaping up to be a terrifyingly stacked 2022.

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