If You Also Use Pinterest, Then You Can Also Earn $1000/Month, Check How!

Are you looking for ways to profit from Pinterest? Consider Pinterest as your own worldwide bulletin board, rather than just a photo-sharing platform. Pinterest had 70 million users in November 2013, with 80% of them being women, and 2.5 billion page views every month.

There are a variety of methods to generate money using Pinterest, and as the network grows, so will your options.

Let’s take a look at some of the most successful ways to generate money with Pinterest.

1). Follow your dreams, establish a following, then sell to them

What are your interests and passions? You can make money if others are spending money in an area you enjoy.

Let’s pretend you’re a gym rat. You enjoy working out and staying in shape. You select a target demographic: fit and attractive ladies in their twenties. Make a Pinterest account and boards that appeal to this demographic.

Create an email list and gain followers on your boards. Some Pinterest users have a million or more followers. To sell to your audience, you don’t need a large number of followers on your account. Don’t worry if you don’t know what to sell. Marketers will approach you with offers once you have a few thousand followers.

2). Select a firm to promote and request sponsorship from

As previously mentioned, target a group and grow your Pinterest followers. Then choose companies that sell things that will appeal to your target market. You may approach companies that sell gym machines or sports beverages, keeping in mind our “fitness” clientele.

Ask for sponsorship by sharing the statistics from your Pinterest account with the firms you approach. Make a deal with them: for a year, they can use their logo on your account.

3). Product promotion for affiliates

Many businesses seek affiliates who will market their products in exchange for a small commission on any sales generated. Sign up as an affiliate for firms that sell things you may promote. Then, using your affiliate links, advertise the products on your forums.

To manage your links, utilise a URL-shortening tool like Bitly. You’ll be able to keep track of how many times your pins and boards have been clicked.

In regards to spamming. Pinterest takes action against affiliate marketing scammers on a regular basis. If you get too hooked on it, link your pins to your own website, where affiliate links can be used.

4). To get found on Pinterest, use search engine optimization (SEO) tactics

People must be able to locate your pins and boards if you want to make money on Pinterest, therefore apply SEO methods. You’ll be found not only on Pinterest, but also on Google and other key search engines.

Use your “About” profile to its full potential. You have 200 characters to work with (around 50 words.) Use the keywords you expect searchers to use in a clear and detailed manner.

Use SEO tactics on your pins as well. Each pin has a description limit of 500 characters (about 100 words), so make the most of it by including keywords and links. Instead of spamming keywords, use them naturally.

5). Create Pinterest contests to promote your own products

Maybe you’d like to sell your own items on Pinterest. Consider holding competitions. They’re well-liked and might assist you in making money.

Keep in mind, though, Pinterest’s rules:

“Businesses use contests to persuade customers to interact with their brand, and we’ve learnt a lot about how they work on Pinterest. They can act as a catalyst for people to think about and talk about your brand if done correctly. However, they can also encourage users to add Pins to which they aren’t actually interested, which is why contest-related Pins might feel unnecessary and even spammy.”

Pinterest protects the privacy of its users. This is fantastic since it secures the network’s future growth.

6). Re-pin other people’s pins to gain exposure and money

Being active on Pinterest, which is a social network, is the quickest way to persuade people to re-pin your pins. Pin the pins of others, especially those in your target demographic. They’ll take note of you and may even begin to follow your boards.

7). Make money by teaching others “How to use Pinterest”

As Pinterest has grown in popularity, a new industry has sprung up around it, with entrepreneurs creating solutions to assist Pinterest users.

After you’ve been successful with Pinterest for a while, consider earning money by teaching others how to use it. Create e-books and online courses to help others learn what you’ve learned.

So there you have it: seven proven ways to profit from Pinterest. When you join the network, you’ll be able to come up with your own strategies.

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