Epic Games says that Fortnite Has Been Removed From Apple App Store

Epic Games’ most popular game, Fortnite, has been permanently removed from the Apple App Store.

Epic Games has stated that the Apple App Store has placed a ban on Fortnite. According to Epic Games CEO Tim Sweeney, Apple has opted to ban Epic Games’ Fortnite off the App Store indefinitely until the legal battle (including appeals) with the developer is resolved. According to him, Apple’s move could keep Fortnite banned from the App Store for years while the legal process is completed.

Sweeney slammed Apple’s decision to keep Fortnite banned indefinitely on Twitter on Wednesday, writing, “This is another astonishing anticompetitive move by Apple, showcasing their capacity to restructure markets and choose winners and losers.” The business has previously said that it will appeal the verdict of the court. However, the procedure could take years, resulting in a financial loss for Epic Games.

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Apple had previously declared that it would “welcome Epic’s return to the App Store if they agree to play by the same rules as everyone else,” according to the CEO’s tweet. Sweeney claimed Epic had agreed and provided a letter from Epic to Apple Fellow Phil Schiller in which Epic vowed to follow the company’s rules. In “another abuse of its monopoly power over a billion consumers,” he claimed, Apple has broken its commitment.

Sweeney also revealed a letter addressed to the firm, stating that Apple has notified Epic that Fortnite will be barred from the Apple ecosystem “until the exhaustion of all judicial appeals,” which could take up to five years. According to the Guardian, Apple confirmed the letter’s legitimacy but declined to comment.

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The important case between Apple and Epic Games over the former’s App Store policies came to a close earlier this month, with a US court ordering Apple to stop developers from informing users about alternative payment systems, but not forcing Apple to allow third-party app stores on its iOS operating system for iPhones. The court found that Apple had engaged in anti competitive behaviour, but Epic failed to show that Apple was a “illegal monopolist,” as it alleged in its lawsuit.

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