Nazara Technologies Soars as Arm Acquires OML Entertainment’s Gaming Division

After its affiliate NODWIN Gaming purchased OML Entertainment’s gaming and adjacent IP business, Nazara Technologies’ stock soared as high as 4.35 percent. The gaming and related IP (intellectual property) business of OML Entertainment, a media and entertainment firm, has been acquired by NODWIN Gaming, an esports company and an independent subsidiary of Nazara Technologies Limited. … Read more

Battlefield 2042 Has Been Pushed Back a Month, and Will Now Be Released in November

EA said in a press release that Battlefield 2042 will be delayed until November and will not be released in October. Battlefield 2042, which was set to debut on October 22nd, is one of Electronic Arts’ (EA) most anticipated titles of the year. However, the game has been postponed owing to COVID-19-related issues, according to … Read more

Epic Games Store Include High-speed Brawling and Sci-fi Cannibalism

Epic Games Store Include High-speed Brawling and Sci-fi Cannibalism: Another pair of games is now available for free on the Epic Games Store for the duration of the week: the 2D combat-racer Speed Brawl and Tharsis, a turn-based sci-fi strategy game with dice and cannibalism. That’s an enticing hook, so let’s start there. Tharsis is … Read more

Temple Run: Puzzle Adventure New Game Came into Gaming Category

Temple Run: Puzzle Adventure, a new episode exclusive to Apple Arcade, is resurrecting the iconic mobile game series. Temple Run: Puzzle Adventure has been in the works for over two years, according to developer Imangi, and will be released this week with over 1,000 levels (exact release times may vary depending on your region). Rather … Read more

Why isn’t Fortnite’s creator delighted after ‘beating’ Apple?

Why isn’t Fortnite’s creator delighted after ‘beating’ Apple: Epic Games has filed a notice of appeal in a lawsuit alleging that Apple has been operating an illegal monopoly that has stifled competition. In a court filing on Sunday, the creators of the popular Fortnite computer game announced they will appeal the decision to the Ninth … Read more