PlayStation 5 Lovers Want Themes to Be Included in a Future Update

One advantage that the PlayStation 3 and 4 had over the Xbox One in the console wars was the ability to personalise the UI with custom themes. PlayStation owners have probably amassed a substantial library of free and paid themes for their consoles over the years. A leaked image purported to show the PlayStation 5 UI seems to reveal that the future console’s user interface would be mostly unchanged in February 2020, several months before launch.

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However, much to the dismay of many, this did not turn out to be the case. Sony kept the PlayStation 5 user interface a secret until the console’s release, even preventing participants at a PS5 demo event from seeing it. Although Sony patents from the previous year suggested that the console’s interface would be revamped, a PS5-exclusive Stranger Things theme available on the PlayStation Store led some to believe that this functionality would be carried over from prior systems.

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Unfortunately, one of the most visible changes to the PS5 UI when it released in November 2020 was the removal of customisable themes, and fans have been clamouring for the ability to be reinstated ever since. Sony instead included dynamic, console-controlled themes that vary depending on the game or menu item picked. Although the visuals are of good quality, they are not always what the gamers want to view. Many players, according to a recent Reddit thread, are still hoping that Sony will bring back this much-loved function.

It’s unknown why Sony removed the ability to customise themes on the PlayStation 5. Sony probably has stats that show how many people used the feature, but because many themes were free or on sale, it’s possible that it wasn’t profitable enough for Sony to keep them around. This is disappointing because many gamers have spent a lot of money on themes to customise the UI of their PS4 over the years, and it would have been nice if they could be used on the new console as well.

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The user interface of the Xbox Series consoles, on the other hand, is nearly identical to that of the Xbox One. As a result, unlike the transfer from PS4 to PS5, the change from last gen to an Xbox Series console was rather straightforward, with no adjustment time. The Xbox 360 offered various themes for users to modify their console’s UI, but the Xbox One does not have them. Microsoft limited customization to changing backgrounds and choosing a dark or light style, but it’s likely that Xbox owners would prefer to be able to customise their user interface even more.

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