PUBG 14.2 Update: Expected Release Date, New Weapons and Leaks

PUBG 14.2 Update: The PUBG 14.2 update has been released, and it includes new weaponry, gameplay enhancements, and bug patches. Aside from that, the developers have improved the down-but-not-out (DBNO) state, giving downed players a second chance to survive. The PUBG 14.2 update will be released on November 3 for PC and November 11 for consoles.

PUBG 14.2 Update: Expected Release Date, New Weapons and Leaks

The Mortar weapon will be specific to the Taego map in the forthcoming PUBG 14.2 update. The weapon will shoot massive projectiles that will cause significant damage. The weapon’s accuracy, on the other hand, is quite poor. To attack with the Mortar, players must precisely estimate the position of their foes. Aside from that, the M79 smoke grenade launcher will be introduced to the game.

The mortar can fire at a range of up to 700 metres, but it takes five seconds to set up. Also, during the game, Mortar will take over the primary weapon slot.

PUBG 14.2 Update: Expected Release Date, New Weapons and Leaks

Chickens are also added to the Taego map in this release, which will aid to give detail to the area while also serving as a gameplay component. If the Chickens sense danger, they will begin to flee, alerting other players to your location. Multiple in-game elements, such as punching sounds, footsteps, gunshots, engine and exhaust sounds, and other creatures dying, will frighten the hens. You can try to avoid them by tiptoeing around them, but you can also shoot them down.

Another new feature in the game is DBNO swimming, which allows players in the DBNO state to swim to the shore and be revived rather than dying instantly. This will enable players who are knocked unconscious while in the water to have a better chance of surviving.

Aside from the new features and weapons, the new version also adds new Taego locations to the Team Deathmatch preset in Custom Matches, such as Field, Palace, Mountain, Market, and Shipyard.

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