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Updates on the PUBG New State Pre-Registration Link are now available in India. Here are the specifics on the PUBG New State Early Access Release Date, Rewards, and Alpha Test Launch Date in India. KRAFTON studio has officially released the PUBG New State System Requirements, Android Download APK, and Pre Orders IOS Size information. Many blogs are elaborating on the new technology utilised by KRAFTON for the PUBG New State Release, even on the internet. In the PUBG New State Alpha Test, global illumination technology was deployed. The value of NC, the in-game currency, has been disclosed.

Now that we’ve covered global illumination technology, we’ll move on to the next section of this article. But first, let us inform you that the PUBG New State Pre Registration Link is currently available for all users on Google Play Store and Apple IOS. Pre-registrations have already been completed by 32 million people around the world. However, KRAFTON has purposefully delayed the introduction of PUBG New State in India. According to them, they are still working on resolving bugs and issues in PUBG’s new version, BGMI. Take a look at what’s new in the PUBG New State. Updates and News on the Early Access Release Date in India, as well as the Download Apk Size and System Requirements.

PUBG New State Pre Registration

PUBG New State Pre-registration for Android and iOS users is now available. Anyone may pre-register for the PUBG New State Beta Test on the Google Play Store and the Apple Store. Pre-registration for PUBG New State in India will begin on October 8. Those who pre-register will have the opportunity to play PUBG New State in its next generation of visuals. New State, by the way, has been in the news for the past few months.

Application Name:PUBG New State
Developer Name:Krafton, INC
Release Date:29th August 2021
Operating System:Android & iOS
PUBG New State Official Website
PUBG New State ApplicationDownload

PUBG New State India Pre Registration

So, what’s new in this Pre-Order for PUBG New State? The following are some of the points:

  • First and foremost, this game will continue to be an online multiplayer war field. The game will be played by 100 multi-players in order to survive.
  • The maps will be anarchic in nature.
  • KRAFTON has used Vulkan this time. It’s a type of API that supports and aids the game’s optimization and continual performance improvement.
  • As previously stated, global illumination light will create natural flow light throughout the game. You will also meet hyper realistic graphics using this technology.
  • Have you ever envisioned yourself in a first-person perspective in an older version of PUBG? No, so you’ll do it this time. PUBG’s new state will also have futuristic vehicles.
  • Not only that, but PUBG will feature updated mechanics as well. Everything has been added, including request calls, drones, and avoiding.

PUBG New State Early Access Release Date in India

We were going to add one more point at the top, but we decided to expand on it here. In PUBG, a new state has been released in India. The table can be turned at any time if you order ahead of time. This means that if you go to the weakest point in the game, more twists will appear, eventually raising the game’s standards. The PUBG New State Alpha test was conducted a few days ago. It drew a large number of gamers and streamers. So, return to the PUBG New State. In India, early access will be available soon.

On this page, you’ll also find a download link for PUBG New State Early Access. Soon, there will be a new update on the Pre-Registration Release Date. See the rest of the article for further information.

PUBG New State Rewards and System Requirements

The game PUBG New State is coming to India, and pre-registration is currently open. The Limited vehicle device is still the only PUBG New state award that we are aware of. If you have completed the pre-registration for PUBG New State, you will receive it. As a result, the following are the PUBG New State System Requirements:

  • System Requirements For Android User: Android Version is 6.0 and 2 GB RAM.
  • System Requirements For iOS User: iOS Version 13 or Higher and iPhone 6 or Higher

In-game Currency Rates

In Crafton’s new game PUBG New State, the values of premium in-game cash have been disclosed. NC Prices for in-game currency have been revealed via the Apple App Store, as seen in a new table:

60NC$1.22 or ₹89
180NC$3.69 or ₹269
600NC$12.32 or ₹899
1500NC$24.65 or ₹1799
2950NC$61.63 or ₹4499
5900NC$121.93 or ₹8900

How to do Pre Registration for PUBG New State ?

The launch date for PUBG: NEW STATE in India is approaching. The Alpha Test from a previous edition is quite close. Pre-orders on the App Store for iOS and pre-registration on Google Play for Android are now available, ending the gamer’s wait. However, the following are the methods to pre-register for PUBG New State in India on Android and iOS:

For Android Users:

  1. Start by going to the Google Play Store.
  2. Type PUBG New State into the search bar.
  3. PUBG New State will be the first game to debut on the screen.
  4. It should be tapped.
  5. There is a Pre-Registration button there.
  6. You will now be registered there as soon as you tap on it.
  7. You will be notified of the same on October 8th.

For iOS Users:

  1. Go to the Apple App Store.
  2. Type PUBG New State into the search bar.
  3. It will be displayed on the screen.
  4. It will open up if you tap on it.
  5. Now press the download button.
  6. It will show you everything you have pre-ordered as well as the release date.

The PUBG New State Pre-Registration Release Date for IOS and Android in India has been revealed. By following the aforesaid procedure, all users will be able to obtain it.

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