Temple Run: Puzzle Adventure New Game Came into Gaming Category

Temple Run: Puzzle Adventure, a new episode exclusive to Apple Arcade, is resurrecting the iconic mobile game series.

Temple Run: Puzzle Adventure has been in the works for over two years, according to developer Imangi, and will be released this week with over 1,000 levels (exact release times may vary depending on your region). Rather than being another infinite runner, the spiritual successor leans into the – you guessed it – match-3 puzzle archetype that’s dominated mobile puzzle games for years, which may delight or displease fans of the original depending on how their gaming habits have changed in the – checks notes – eight years since Temple Run 2 was released.

Early Temple Run: Puzzle Adventure gameplay has begun to surface on the internet. This introduction video from YouTube user Azim Jaffer Gaming shows off the match-3 basics, as well as some achievements and gadgets thrown in for good measure. The official app store listing also confirms the return of temple runner and lead character Scarlett Fox, who now has a cute, cartoony appearance.

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Apple Arcade seemed promising from the start, but it emerged as a mobile powerhouse in the last year in particular. The subscription service recently acquired a cancelled Castlevania game and Platinum Games’ new action game World of Demons, and the addition of a new Temple Run, a series that has long been known as a time killer, may add another strong feather to its cap.

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